Okinawan Sweet Potato

by Bill
(Palmetto, FL, USA)

First I am not sure that this is the Sweet Potato that I am talking about. I saw this at a farmers market and the people selling them said they were Sweet Potatoes. I bought this for it's very large size: about nine inches long and four and half to five inches in diameter. It had a dark brown skin and light purple flesh. I used this potato to make a carving of a house after peeling it and ruffing out the carving I soaked it for 25 min. in water and a couple of caps of Clorox.

It has now shrunk to about half its size and sounds like wood when you tap on it. I will seal it with polly when it has finished drying to keep the insects from eating it.

I am just looking for the correct name. Do not have pictures yet.

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