Mr Pauw, my maths teacher and marshmallow sweet Potatoes!!

by Anell Olivier
(South Africa)

I grew up in rural South Africa. TV came to us in 1998! My maths teacher, who was a brilliant man, invited his whole class of 1980 math matriculents to a maths week during the September 1980 holidays. The event of doing maths for 8 hours during the day, happened at his beach house, Eersteriver Strand Oord, in the Tsitsikamma Southern Eastern Cape South Africa.
And guess what he prepared for us for lunch??? Sweet Potatoes with pink and white marshmallows!!
Bless his soul! Mr Pauw, my maths teacher for introducing marshmallow sweet potatoes to me!! I will never forget that surprise of pink and white on top on the sweet potatoes. And the taste....sweet....sweet....sweet....
Anell Olivier

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