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This site is all about sweet potatoes, also known as yams in the United States. gives you access to thousands of free easy recipesfactsorigin/history, and how to cook sweet potatoes. Try dishes from all over the world.

You've come to the right place to learn about the sweet potato. Check out the "Resources" page to know where to find heirloom and popular varieties.

Worldwide sweet potato production and consumption is huge! 

Sweet potatoes have a major global impact. All around the world people eat and use this superfood, its plant leaves and roots.  

With a vast variety of uses, they are among the world's most important food crops.

Consider the following facts all about sweet potatoes:

* Every year more than 130,000,000 tons are produced around the world. Production numbers are estimated for developing countries where reporting from rural farms can be inconsistent.

* Ranks among the 5 most important food crops in over 50 developing countries (along with rice, wheat, maize, and cassava)

* Ranks among the world's 7 most important food crops (along with wheat, rice, maize, potato, barley, and cassava)

* Cultivated in over 100 developing countries

* Over 95% of the global crop is produced in developing countries

* Mostly produced in Asia (over 120,000,000 tons every year)

* China accounts for about 90% of worldwide sweet potato production

Learn more about sweet potatoes' global impact
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February is National Sweet Potato Month

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Heirloom Sweet Potatoes

Amish White Bunch


Brinkley White 

Edna Evans 

Frazier White 

Ginseng Red 

Golden Slipper 


Indiana Gold 

Ivis White Cream 

Korean Purple 


Margaret Bray 

Maynard Family White 

Millard Cooper 

Nancy Hall 

Old Brazil 

Old Fashioned Southern Queen 

Old Kentucky 

Old Orange 

Orange Oakleaf 

Poplar Root 

Pumpkin Yam 


Red Wine Velvet 

Ringley’s Porto Rico 


Spanish Red 


Tennessee Top Mark 

Theodore Meece Old Fashioned White 



White Yam 


Yellow Jersey