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Weekly SPUDS News, Issue December 10, 2006
December 10, 2006

International News - All About Sweet Potatoes

USA - Sweet Potatoes in the News (TV)

Sweet potatoes continue to be showcased on cooking shows. Last week I watched two chefs, both on NBC programs, using sweet potatoes in their recipes. First, NBC's 'The Today Show' on December 6 did a segment with Al Roker and the executive chef from Sanctuary on Camelback Mountain in Arizona. In cooking up "comfort foods" the chef made a rich sweet potato puree using milk, shallots, ginger, maple syrup, honey and marscapone cheese. Go to and click on 'The Today Show' link to find the complete recipe. Later that same morning, I saw another chef, John Ashton, on The 10! Show in Philadelphia. He made Sweet Potato Latkes.

Source: NBC The Today Show, NBC The 10! Show - Philadelphia 12/06/06

In the October 15, 2006 issue, I wrote about a 'Maharajah Mashed Sweet Potatoes' recipe I found in Penzeys' fall catalog. I have made this recipe several times, and family and friends rave about it. I've tweeked the recipe by adding 1/3-1/2 cup of butter per 2 pounds of sweet potatoes and a pinch of vanilla. The result is an easy-to-make, rich delicious beautiful dish that your family and friends will absolutely love! Check out for the original recipe.

Sweet potatoes are delicious and nutritional, and are a natural for holiday and every-day menus. Visit Recipes Central today to find unique delicious entrees for your family and friends. Select from over 1,000 FREE sweet potato recipes.


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