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Weekly SPUDS News, Issue October 1, 2006
October 04, 2006

International News - All About Sweet Potatoes

USA - It's The Season For Sweet Potatoes

Last week, friends of my family, in Eastern Shore Maryland, dug up their sweet potato patches. I wanted to help so that I could get some photos to share with you. However, due to other commitments, I couldn't make the trip. Whether direct from the garden or store purchased, following are some tips for selecting, storing, prepping, cooking and serving your best sweet potato yet!


Select sweet potatoes that are: clean, blemish-free, decay-free, dry, smooth, and firm.

One decayed area can spoil (transfer an awful favor to) the whole sweet potato; cutting it away won't help - so, don't buy it!

Medium size sweet potatoes tend to be most favorful.


Do not refrigerate uncooked sweet potatoes! So important - it's worth repeating - do not refrigerate uncooked sweet potatoes!

Refrigeration of uncooked sweet potatoes makes them starchy (their natural sugars turn to starch)

Store in a cool, dry area for up to about 7 days (they have a shorter home shelf life than white potatoes)

Store at 55-65 degrees F

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All About Sweet Potatoes Website

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