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Weekly SPUDS News, Issue August 20, 2006
August 20, 2006

International News - All About Sweet Potatoes

Peru (CIP) - There are about 6,500 varieties of sweet potatoes in the world (includes wild samples, farming varieties, and breeding lines). They are brown-skinned, orange-skinned, purple-skinned, red-skinned, white-skinned, in various combinations with flesh of the same colors.

Source: International Potato Center (CIP) - Peru (CIP) - Sweetpotato HomePage

"Sweet Potato" in different cultures and languages:

BURMESE: Myonk ni // CHINESE: Fan shu (Faan syu), Bai shu, Gan shu (kan chou) // DANISH: Sød kartoffel, Batat // DUTCH: Zoete aardappel, Bataat // ENGLISH: Sweet potato, Sweetpotato (USA), Yam (USA), Kumara (NZ) // FRENCH: Patate douce // GERMAN: Süßkartoffel, Suesskartoffel, Batate // ITALIAN: Patata dolce // JAPANESE: Satsuma imo, Ryuukyuu imo, Kara imo, Kan sho // KOREAN: Ko gu ma // LAOTIAN: Man kè:w // MALAY - (Indonesia): Ubi jalar // NORWEGIAN: Søtpoteter // PORTUGUESE: Batata doce, Batata da ilha (Brazil) // SPANISH: Batata, Boniato, Camote (Latin America), Cumala huasca, Cumal huasca, Cumara, Curiti, Jarissi jabo, Kamote (Philippines) // SUNDANESE: Huwi boled // THAI: Man thet // VIETNAMESE: Khoai lang, Khoai mon

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