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SPUDS News, Issue February 25, 2007
February 25, 2007

International News - All About Sweet Potatoes

USA - Sweet Potatoes

In the USA, the month of February has been designated the month to highlight several things including Black History, and sweet potatoes. So, in honor of both Black History Month, and National Sweet Potato Month, I'm providing the following quote by George Washington Carver, M.S. Agr., D. Sc. who conducted many experiments with sweet potatoes while he was the Director of the Experiment Station at Tuskegee Institute (Alabama, USA).

"There are but few if any of our staple farm crops receiving more attention than sweet potato, and indeed rightfully so -- the splendid service it rendered during the great World War in the saving of wheat flour, will not soon be forgotten. The 118 different and attractive products (to date) made from it, are sufficient to convince the most skeptical that we are just beginning to discover the real value and marvelous possibilities of this splendid vegetable." Tuskegee Institute Press 1937

From the 1890's through the early 1900's, Dr. Carver conducted numerous experiments. Click here to learn about Dr. Carver's work, and to see some of the recipes provided by the U.S. Department of Agriculture back in the early 1900's.. Flour, starch, sugar, tapioca, and over 100 other products have been made from sweet potatoes.

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