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SPUDS News, Issue January 21, 2007
January 23, 2007

International News - All About Sweet Potatoes

USA - Sweet Potatoes

Happy New Year! We're back after taking a holiday break.

Given the recent weather conditions in California and the damaging effects it has been having on fruit and vegetable crops, nutritionists have been advising consumers about other foods that can be substituted in order to still eat in a healthful manner. Sweet potatoes keep popping up on their lists. Visit these two pages at our site to learn more about sweet potatoes' nutritional value.

Sweet Potatoes Nutrition

Sweet Potatoes Vitamins & Nutrients

In his State of The Union Address, President Bush will talk about alternative energy sources. He plans to mention ethanol as one of the alternatives. Visit our page on Ethanol & Sweet Potatoes to learn more about how ....

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All About Sweet Potatoes Website

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