Sweet Potatoes for Health and Beauty

Sweet potatoes are a superfood for health and beauty!

Okay. You've heard all of your life that beauty starts from within.

It's true.

Already you're a natural Beauty. It's in your eyes, skin color, face-nose-lips shape. It's everything about you. And, it starts from within.

Eating in a healthful manner and living well (physically, emotionally, socially, spiritually) brings out your inner beauty. It speaks volumes to the world around you.

It's that bounce in your walk and that twinkle in your eyes that gets noticed.

You are a living creation made up of billions of cells that are regenerating continuously. And - this is a good thing. Why?

Because you can begin at any point in time, and start making a life-changing difference.

But, stop.

Before you start changing anything, take a minute to see where you are now.

Take a good long look at yourself, and at the way you've been taking care of you.

Like what you see? Like how you feel? Oooh - that's hurts!

Time for a reality check.

Today, you are what you've been eating. Has yours been a high-fat, high-cholesterol, high-calorie diet?

... "poor diet and lack of physical activity are related to the major causes of illness and death in the U.S. The key message to Americans is: eat fewer calories, be more active, make wiser food choices." source - 2005 Dietary Guidelines for Americans.

The right foods must be eaten to get the necessary nutrients your body needs.

Work to make yours a healthful diet using powerful foods. Remember - you can start today and chart a new path of exercise/activity and a high fiber diet that includes sweet potato.

Why sweet potato?

As a superfood sweet potato can help: crush cholesterol, wipe out cancer cells, knock out infection, and punch out pounds. See Nutrition Facts 

With all this action in your corner, how can you not win?

It's your decision. Choose to fight. Choose to win. Take the path that leads to a healthier more beautiful you.

P.S. Your world will notice! 

Try this homemade Sweet Potato and Mango Face Mask!

"The best anti-aging / acne home remedy." 


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