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This site is all about sweet potatoes, also known as yams in the United States.

Want a southern sweet potato pie recipe, or an easy baked sweet potato recipe?

Want to find out the nutritional value of sweet potatoes, or where to buy sweet potatoes plants? You've come to the right place to learn about sweet potatoes, one of the world's superfoods. Check out the "Links" page to know where to find heirloom and popular varieties of sweet potatoes. gives you access to thousands of free easy recipes, sweet potato nutrition, sweet potato facts, sweet potato origin history, and how to cook sweet potatoes. Try dishes from all over the world using - one of the most nutritious vegetables in the world.

Use this site to learn how eating sweet potatoes can help you meet your health, beauty and wellness goals.

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Recipes, pictures, nutrition, facts and history - all here at the Internet's Sweet Potatoes Ultimate Destination Site (SPUDS).

Make this your #1 place in cyberspace for sweet potatoes!

February is National Sweet Potato Month

(Observed in the USA)

Go to Sweet Potato Recipes to find these dishes ... marshmallows sweet potatoes, crock pot sweet potato, candied sweet potato recipe, baked sweet potato recipe, sweet potato souffle recipe, sweet potato pecan pie, sweet potato cheesecake, sweet potato fries ... and many more.

Start your search now at Sweet Potato Recipes and find these dishes and more ... easy sweet potato casserole, sweet potato casserole marshmallows, baked sweet potato recipe, yam sweet potato, candied sweet potato recipe.

Learn the differences between yams and sweet potatoes ... Yam vs Sweet Potato

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Sweet Potato Recipes
Start here to find thousands of free easy sweet potato recipes
Sweet Potato - Yam
Sweet Potato - Yam - Are They The Same?
Buying Sweet Potatoes - Cooking Sweet Potatoes
Advice & Tips: buying sweet potato; cooking and storing sweet potatoes
All About Sweet Potatoes - Nutritional Information
All About Sweet Potatoes - Nutritional Information
Sweet Potatoes - Vitamins - Nutrients
All about sweet potatoes' vitamins and nutrients
Sweet Potato Varieties (yams)
Explanation of sweet potato varieties and types
Popular Varieties of Sweet Potatoes
Popular varieties of sweet potatoes with skin and flesh descriptions
Heirloom Sweet Potatoes
List names of heirloom sweet potatoes
History and Origin of Sweet Potatoes
Gives sweet potato history and origin
Marshmallows - Sweet Potatoes Origin
Why do people put marshmallows on or in sweet potatoes?
The International Potato Center - (CIP) & Sweet Potatoes
Describes mission of The International Potato Center - CIP
Sweet Potato Production & Consumption = Major Global Impact
Gives worldwide facts and figures for sweet potato production and consumption
Disaster Relief
Sweet potato used for disaster relief
Sweet Potato Questions and Answers
Answers to Questions About Sweet Potatoes
Sweet Potatoes: Superfood for Health and Beauty
Sweet potato's health and beauty benefits
Sweet Potato Links
Sweet Potato Links
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Heirloom Sweet Potatoes

Amish White Bunch


Brinkley White

Edna Evans

Frazier White

Ginseng Red

Golden Slipper


Indiana Gold

Ivis White Cream

Korean Purple


Margaret Bray

Maynard Family White

Millard Cooper

Nancy Hall

Old Brazil

Old Fashioned Southern Queen

Old Kentucky

Old Orange

Orange Oakleaf

Poplar Root

Pumpkin Yam


Red Wine Velvet

Ringley’s Porto Rico


Spanish Red


Tennessee Top Mark

Theodore Meece Old Fashioned White



White Yam


Yellow Jersey

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