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Vitamin A for Africa - VITAA

A synopsis of the Vitamin A for Africa Partnership - VITAA

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Japanese Sweet Potato

When baked, they are creamy and sweet, hot or cold, they’re a great snack! I’ve put them in stews, mixed them in with regular yukon gold or red potatoes

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Vardaman Sweet Potato

Orange flesh sweet potatoes - might as well call them Mississippi delta taters - that is most of what we get here. Although I have had tastier varieties,

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Purple Sweet Potato with White Flesh

Looking for a purple sweet potato with white flesh. It is super sticky when peeled. Can’t find them anywhere. Great grandparents used to have them in West

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Dianne (or Diane) Sweet Potato

Origin: California Season type: Mid

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When baked it (Bonita) is very sweet without the fibers of orange sweet potatoes.

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Delmar Red and White Sweet Potatoes

Extremely sweet the white one was packed full of sugar can't find them

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Just the best, and a super high energy food for enhanced strength, stamina and also mood improvement.

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Okinawan Sweet Potato

First I am not sure that this is the Sweet Potato that I am talking about. I saw this at a farmers market and the people selling them said they were Sweet

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Hannah Sweet Potato

Hannah sweeet potatoes make a good pie.

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Best flavour of all

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taste good, they are healthy and easy to prepare...because I just steam them with skins on....after they cool they are easy to peel and taste great.

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Japanese Sweet Potatoes

The taste of Japanese sweet potatoes is sweet and delicious and full of nutrients and it's so easy to cook and easy to bake.

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Georgia Red

Dark red orange flesh oozing syrup when baked in the skin. Lovely unctuous sweet flesh when seasoned with a pat of butter and salt and pepper.

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Water Yam

For a Nigerian dish

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